Thursday, October 14, 2010

sukiyaki should have been called sukiyami...

sukiyaki is sooo yummy it should have been sukiyami ^_^ joke!

finally! i'm so sorry, tinamad lang talaga ako these past few days... anyway here are the pics of the sukiyaki i've made within that month of no posting...

anyway for those who hasn't tried this super yummy meal, sukiyaki is a one-pot dish: it has very thin slices of beef, some mushrooms, tofu, greens, onions, and spring onions in a dark sauce made of soy sauce and soup stock.

it is usually of big amounts making it ideal to be shared and eaten with other people. the good thing about sukiyaki is pwede s'ya pang bond with the family, each getting their food from one big skillet. and since magkakasama kayo e nagkakaroon ng chance for conversations.

and by the way, "yaki" in japanese means to grill/saute : )

why? it's because the 1st part of the cooking process is to fry it a little on the skillet, then once it's turned brown you put it on one side of the pan, and then arrange the other ingredients carefully, then pour the sauce over it and simmer... yum yum!

the sukiyaki beef i used. you can buy them cut up already for sukiyaki, in black styro and cling wrap.

celery sticks and green onions (or spring onions)

the tofu i've used. i really loooove tofu ^_^

the greens

just arrange them up carefully in the deep pan/shallow pot.

sukiyaki = ^_^

the arrangement actually has an advantage. since it's separated you can just select what you want. (in my case, the onions and the beef, and the tofu too ^_^)

emo files #01

this isn't meant to be poetic. it's just what i felt that time.

i love the way you joke around
but in every smile it pains me
i can only hope for one thing
that in that certain future, whenever it would be
fate would allow me to have someone like you
funny, witty, and loved by everyone...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


the lazy me in bed...

yeah it's been over a month now with no posts on this blog. let's just say that i've attended to some things (or just got lazy and went ahead to play games on facebook haha)

well i still cook at home, but wasn't able to take pics on most of it...

so just to fill the gap, (and to make a promise that i'm gonna put something tomorrow) here it is:

"I, _______ promise to make a blog entry tomorrow about what i cooked weeks ago... sukiyaki!" : )

i just looove sukiyaki... and gyuniku ramen if you have it pleeeease???? ^_^