Saturday, March 5, 2011

iba sa nabaon sa limot

i love shrimps in my pasta :)

well it's been more than 2 months already after i posted my previous entry at marami na syempreng naipon na mga pictures sa baul ni lola. but i'm not gonna post all of them in just 1 entry. ihihiwalay-hiwalay ko pa din.

it's a fact that i looove pasta. super! as in if i were to choose a type of dish that i could only eat for my entire stay here sa mundong ibabaw e i'm gonna choose pasta. pizza's the 2nd and chicken the 3rd. and if i were to choose just 1 sauce for my pasta then it would be puttanesca. or pomodoro... as long as it's tomato based. anyway, here are some of them (para lang mai-post na. hehe)

my very own shrimp and mushrooms pomodoro pasta

a closer look...

these were the shrimps used in the sauce

btw pomodoro is easy to make. all you need is some olive oil, minced garlic and tomatoes. serious! you just fry the garlic and tomatoes in the olive oil (and add some salt to taste. for me i use seasoned salt) and then mix your choice of pasta noodles into the sauce and that's it : ) if you wanna add shrimps you can. ang sarap nya, and it's easy : )

well this was the left over pasta (spaghetti ang spirelli) and since i like them both e pinagsama ko nalang :) (this is puttanesca by the way)

with my hair down (gusto ko lang i-post bakit ba?) ^_^

shrimps + tomatoes + garlic = yum ^_^

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