Tuesday, August 10, 2010

burger and... greens??

sorry i was too eager to eat after cooking...

hmmmm the house smells of yummy burgers as i'm typing away on my laptop. ^_^ *like like!

for lunch i decided to make burgers for me and my dad. i did have frozen beef in the fridge which i got from drunk shopping yesterday after drinking with friends (yeah 'drunk shopping' it's what i call kapag natipuhan kong mamalengke pagkatapos uminom haha) and this 'seasoned salt' that an aunt sent us, so i wanted to try making burgers using that seasoned salt.

put it to the test: seasoned salt

seasoned salt is really nice and convenient. it's salt with some spices like black pepper, chili pepper, paprika, onions and garlic. it's similar to the 'magic sarap' and 'real sarap' that we have but it has no herbs in it and it's red in color. so then i proceeded with making the burger patties... 1/4 kilo of ground beef with 1 egg, the seasoned salt, basil, garlic granules (yep i keep those in my kitchen because i love garlic) and parmesan cheese. (yeah i love experimenting) so mix here, mix there, add a bit more seasoning... and voila! burgers! all meat with no extenders! yum yum... and seasoned salt is also great for making burgers. it turned out well. and yeah it only serves 2-3 people, it's only half a pound of beef f.y.i...

the beef...

this was the first batch, i made them smaller for my own "tests". haha ^_^

the burgers... all that's needed is ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese ^_^

yeah i also bought ready to cook fries from the supermarket (which is cheep but great nonetheless) but i decided to just keep it for some other time, so instead of fries i got out the mix of greens i got from the drunk shopping spree i had. just to be a little healthier.

greens! yum i love them...

got them from SM supermarket in Cubao. they're actually cheap and convenient. around 80 pesos is more than twice of what you see in the picture. it is purchased by weight. it's all sliced up already and washed (but of course to be safe just wash 'em again), and you put those that you want in their bags and you let them weigh it. there's 3 different kinds of lettuce, and there's even red cabbage ^_^ and there's sliced up green bell peppers, carrots and cucumber, and croutons. it's really convenient. just wash 'em up, mix with dressing (i prefer caesar dressing), add some parmesan cheese.

look! it's furrresh!

i love eating salads...

even though it's cheap it's actually fresh. mind you, this was taken a day after i bought it from the grocery. i'm happy that i discovered this. it was my 1st time so i'm really hoping that they do sell it fresh everyday or baka natyempuhan ko lang na fresh sila. well i will find out the next time i go there for these...

sorry guys, no final picture of everything. got hungry and forgot to take pics. haha ^_^

burgers + caesar salad = yum yum ^_^


  1. :) i love the combo! add na lang ng soup, solb na!

  2. oh wow. you're making me so hungry. haha lutuan mo naman kami ulit!

  3. hahaha. after several photos of how to prepare, I can't believe you forgot a final photo. looks good so far though. :-)


  4. iya: yep i agree,mas masarap pag may soup ^_^
    nyl: sige next time... why don't we try cooking when we drink at someone's place diba? para maiba naman :)
    ficklecattle: haha i was sooo hungry that time hehe.. thanks for dropping by ^_^

  5. garlic and salt or garlic salt is really enough to make excellent fried burgers. but it does look good.