Friday, August 27, 2010

for more steamy action

the naughty steamer to the dumpling: come here and i'll make you hot!

just 4 hours ago, i was planning on making the very 1st siomai/dumpling that would be steamed right in the comfort of our kitchen, and a new steamer. yep my mom just purchased a steamer and i was like 'yes naman! sa wakas makakapag-steam na!'

steamer at only 500 pesos!

well my mom actually bought a steamer because she is a fan of steamed broccoli and veggies, so i planned on steaming broccoli...

the green friends enjoying the sauna. haha

and i wouldn't let the chance pass without making my favorite steamed delight: siomai! yum yum... so there... actually i was to buy those ready made, ready to steam siomai but there was none so i decided to make my own.

usually you would buy pork giniling and yung iba pang kelangan, but since i'm kind of in a hurry (because i was getting hungry haha) i went on purchasing the ready made siomai mix at the chicken station of magnolia.. surprisingly their ready made siomai filling is good! and also time saving and convenient...

anyway so there... i bought those small molo wrappers, and as carnivorous as i am i made sure that it was full of the stuffing... and these were the results:

yes, these were the survivors of what i made...

siomai party!

steamed broccoli.. yum!

oh one more thing... the steamer that my mom purchased somehow stopped working after the timer finished. i mean after it finished, i can't get it to boil again. i don't know if that was a safety feature or what, but hindi pa luto yung broccoli and siomai and mga 3 or 4 minutes pa ang kelangan. yah it was like a food emergency. i mean if i just let it stand there the siomai wrappers would get soggy and i don't want my dumplings to be like that. so i tried making an improvised steamer (that 'wire basket' for our deep fryer, the one where the li'l siomais are sitting? i put it inside a casserole with some boiling water, and with a lid) since the wire basket was just with one handle, i used a chop stick to support it so that it won't hit the water... i should have taken a pic of it pero hindi ko na naisip dahil sa mga pinag-gagagawa ko. and napaso nga pala ako sa steam. shet!

even though i have burnt fingers, i still grabbed my chopsticks.

tara! kain! (let's eat!)

just pics down here:

with the chopsticks and burnt fingers. still it was worth it ^_^


  1. looks good! cant believe u burned your fingers! haha

  2. i know right? clumsy lang talaga ako minsan hehe ^_^

  3. yummy! nyl, pakilala mo naman ako sa besty mo! ibebefriend ko sya para makapakinabang din ako sa food! hihihihi

    not bad ang steamer na 500php. gusto ko rin yata bumili. i love broccoli plus cheesewhiz :D~ and steamed tilapia with soy-ginger sauce!

  4. o sige kayo na! haha kayo na magkaibigan. hmmph!

  5. hahaha... ^_^
    wow nakakagutom naman... ma-try nga minsan gumawa ng steamed fish :)
    sa sm meron, caribbean yung brand.. nasa 599 pesos pala s'ya...