Thursday, August 26, 2010

'devirginized' tofu

okay, up next is stuffed bean curd, a.k.a. tokwang may laman. haha
well these were taken last week of june (was written 8th august and nakalimutan na hehe), and i felt like including it here in my blog since it's about food, and i really liked what happened to my experiment.

EXPERIMENT? yes. because i've never cooked stuffed been curd before.i had a taste of it that same week when i and parents got the chance to eat at this chinese resto in SM Annex North Edsa. i forgot the name of the resto but it has the word 'president' in it. (president's palace? garden? whatever i forgot about it) it's actually steamed tofu with meat in it (i assume it's pork) and it has this brown sauce, and it really tastes good. it was around 100+ pesos i think and it really was great. so after days of wanting to eat those again, i decided to TRY making it. but since i don't have a steamer available at home, i decided to make it FRIED.
well it would look somewhat like this...

the ones i tried were triangular in shape, with slits cut on the longer side and stuffed with meat. so then i proceeded with it, trying to replicate how it was without using a recipe. and as experimental as i am, i tried doing different styles also... like the sandwich and box type. haha i liked the sandwiched one better.

there's the 'sandwiched' type on the right. haha ^_^

i used chinese tofu. it's softer than the regular ones on the market, but it tastes good... when you fry them it becomes crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. actually what's recommended for this is the firmer ones, the firmer tofus, because if not then it would be somewhat harder to prepare and mas madali mapunit.

for the meat filling, it's usually a mix of pork, shrimps and fish, but for this one i just used chicken meat. some groceries have ground chicken available. i used it since my parents prefer healthier options on their food. so for the meat i just added garlic, salt, pepper, some soy sauce, oregano, basil. it's not the usual recipe for meat fillings of stuffed bean curds (as i looked it up online) but the result was still good.

so just fry it in oil with the meat side down for like around 2 minutes and then turn it to the other sides.

experimenting with tofu: yeah that's the box type on the right. haha looks funny though...

it goes nicely with fried eggplant with soy sauce...

... and i forgot to do the sauce for the tofu!

yeah one more thing: i forgot to do the sauce for the fried tofu. was supposed to make the sauce for the tofu. it's a bit of oyster sauce, soy sauce, some soup stock (pork would do) and some cornstarch and water... oh well..

still... if the sauce was there? then it would have been better... but surprisingly ground chicken meat works well with tofu... and dimsum (which is another story...)


  1. ang interesting naman niyan. i wish i had the talent or the braveness to try it for myself. dala ka next time!

  2. sige i'll try to make one and bring it, or gawa if we'll drink at someone's home :)
    experiment lang! ^_^ or why not browse for recipes diba? basta don't be afraid to botch something. there was this one time nga na i actually threw away something that i made. hindi na kasi ma-save o maresolba. haha that was when i was in college. can't remember what i tried to do that time....
    ooooh that made me remember something. there was this instant choco-ey balls that i whipped up during college.. maybe i should try doing that and post it here :)

  3. sure carlo!! i'll give you some when i see you ^_^